Whether sailing, running or cycling – we produce sporting events live for online, mobile and TV distribution. With the latest technology, we capture spectacular scenes and tell the stories of the athlete and the event. We create a full-service package tailored for you!
Our services range from simple 1 camera transmissions to multi-camera production via microwave transmission, studio set-up, commentators, animated graphics and slowmotion replay systems. With our transmission trucks, we are on the road for you! In case of limited local Internet bandwidth, we create our own Internet connection via satellite (IP over SAT), 4G Bonding or WiFi.

Our services at a glance:

  • Preperations and implementation of live productions
  • Live cameras for every application such as stabilized camera systems on boats and vehicles
  • Camera drones
  • HD directors room with graphics, slomo engine , etc
  • Studio construction and equipment
  • HD video microwave, 4G Bonding or WiFi transmission
  • Live Streaming