VR and 360°Film production

The technology of Virtual Reality creates a high sense of presence. The spectator perceives an artificial environment as a real-world environment and identifies more closely with the protagonists.

360° video and virtual reality offer endless possibilities. Special 360° cameras have several lenses, filming in all directions at once. With smartphones, tablets and VR glasses, the viewer can explore their new environment simply looking around at the panoramic view.

At CHIMBOVISION we are convinced of the value of 360° video and virtual reality. We have the latest state-of-the-art 360° cameras, comprehensive know-how and a passion for this new form of video production. We guarantee top-notch images for your next 360° project.

We produce worldwide, flexible, at the most remote locations. Through 360 ° videos we optimize your media presence – we develop tailor-made VR films for you to fully enjoy the 360 ° experience.

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