Kieler Woche.TV – The biggest sailing event of the world!

The Kieler Woche is one of the largest sailing events worldwide. Since 2010  we accompany the spectacle with our cameras on and offshore.

One of the main jobs was the production of the daily livestream Kieler Woche.TV powered by Audi, which was broadcasted online on YouTube and Facebook as well as the official website of Kiel Week.

Our team featured the onshore activities and the sailing races on the waters of Kiel. With our stabilized offshore cameras and drones all over the race course we ensured  stable images, even in stormy sea.

Live tracking delivered data from each race which we used for live graphics such as live leaderboards, result tables and sailing analytics.

Besides the “normal” production we once again delivered some VR 360° sailing footage and highlights. Using 360° technology gives more people the chance to experience the fascination of sailing and this unique sport.